X1 Resin System

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X1 MATRIX SERIES is a thermosetting epoxy matrix family with variable process temperatures;
The system has high cosmetic results1 and is available in several product variants including one for FST applications which comply with the Standard UL94 V-0, FAR/JAR 25.853 Appendix F, part 1 (a)(1)(i)(ii), part IV (e)(g) and part V (a)(b) regulations, and ABD0031 D6-51377 (X1-30X) for some specific configurations; FST third party lab certifications are available upon request; the viscosity of the epoxy system offer flexible processing and a range of handling characteristics. X1 matrix exhibit high mechanical properties and, properly postcured, can be used at continuous operating temperatures up to 80°C. Higher not continuous operating Temperatures can be supported.

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